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For this class I have multiple expectations that I hope I can accomplish throughout the semester. For example, I would really like to able to work on my writing skills and be able to call myself a college-level writer. Also, I want to be able to annotate articles like I know I should be able to. Being able to annotate like a college student it would help research papers and writing assignments so much. I would be able to just look at the annotated articles and pick out pieces of information instead of having to read through the pieces of writing while I am doing the assignment. Having my own web presence through berg builds means a lot because I finally have a voice to be heard online. When I write something on this blog the whole class will see it, which is pretty cool because they will see what I have to say. I view technology as a reward. This is because people are rewarded with technology by earning money and being able to buy it. If someone can’t get money they will not be rewarded with technology, but if they do earn money for a living they can buy whatever they want. I do have some concerns with a public academic presence though. This is because everybody can see my grades and assignments. Also, having my academic record online means that the college and other teachers can look at all my previous grades from assignments, tests, and quizzes and judge me based on that. I don’t want teachers to have to judge me based on how I was before as a student, but who I am now as a student. That is why I have such a concern with having a public academic record that everyone can see.

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