Word Clouds may be more useful than you think

Word Clouds may just seem like a bunch of random words designed into a pattern to look similar to a piece of art. But if you actually know what it is, it can be used for more than you think.

There are various ways writers use word clouds to improve their writing. Have you ever wondered if your main points were actually the main ideas of your essay? Well, then you should put it into a word cloud generator and see for yourself. By putting an essay into word cloud form, the computer will generate it, and then it will determine which points of the text it believes is the main ideas and make them much different font or size than the other words. This is useful because if your main ideas aren’t the ones the computer picks out you may want to revise your essay.

Word clouds can also be used for the reader’s side too. Have you ever read an article or essay that you have no idea what is important or not? Well, this method bolds or changes the font of key ideas so readers can understand the text better.

This just shows how people are making an effort to help others understand the writings. If I knew about this throughout my whole academic career, it would’ve helped so much. This is a thing that should be given in all schools because many times children will have difficulty as either the writer or reader and this would change the whole game so much. This would allow students to check their work in a different way that they never had the chance to before handing it in.

All in all, word clouds are very effective and helps with various problems that students may have now or in the near future.

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