The story of Dylan and technology

Throughout my life I have had many different encounters with technology. I have received and given people many different technological devices that have impacted them in different ways.

There are many early experiences I had with technology. The earliest form of technology other than a television was receiving a nintendo gamecube. On Christmas of 2005 I was opening up my gifts when I realized what I had just got. I then went on to play video games with my parents and sister for a while.

I remember a lot of things from getting that gamecube. There were multiple games that my dad got me with the device. The best game I had was Chicken Little, I would play this every night after school and with my dad when he got home from work. I played this not only because it was a very fun game, but because it brought my family together with a thing to do after school and work.

My parents always tell me how bad technology has become since when they were a kid. They always tell me how if they wanted to meet up with their friends they would just bike to the center of town and they would know their friends would be there. The only problem with that is what happens if they weren’t there? You would have to sit outside and would be bored. But now you can pick up your cell phone and call or text your friends to see if they want to meet you and hangout.

There are many consequences though that can be caused by technology. Some examples of these can be cat-fishing and stalking. Even though these things may not happen every day they do happen. These consequences can hurt people in multiple ways. People can think they are speaking to somebody who wants them for them. And when they least expect it they will send the messages or pictures they received.

At college I only use a few types of technology. The main thing I use is my laptop, this because all the assignments and things I need for class are on syllabus. I also use my tv, ps4, and wireless speaker/headphones.

The friend I consider the most technologically adapt is my friend from high school. He makes money fixing broken computers and selling them. This shows that even from a young age he already is doing something many people can not even come close too. This also shows me that anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it.


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