Open access has its perks

After using as an article to research open access I realized exactly what open access was made for. Open access was made for people to be able to gain access to various articles and websites that would otherwise cost money. Although this sometimes may not be exactly free you did gain access to the author’s work. People may ask themselves why only certain people are given access while others are left with a blank screen or one with a lock symbol on it.

Every day people try to gain a way to be able to use a website that they know will help them complete an assignment. But in most cases, they are shut down and can’t because it is locked to the normal person. But with open access, you can be able to use the website for free or sometimes you have to pay a small fee because it is premium content.

This is something that makes people think more in-depth about when it comes to the internet. Why does someone have to pay for an article that someone made for free? It simply comes down to how valuable is the website or article. If an article is being used by the whole country the person who produced it could make people pay because the amount of users is so high. But if nobody wants to read it why would the author make people pay for it.

After researching open access it showed me why some people make others pay to see their work, it isn’t completely because they want to scam people so that they could make a few dollars. It is because they don’t want it just to be visible for everybody. Sometimes people make certain articles or websites devoted to a certain group, and they only want people who are in the group, or fans of it, to see the content they created.

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