Does technology change how students learn?

Technology is a huge way of how students and teenagers communicate with each other when they can’t meet face to face. This causes them to get easily distracted when they are trying to learn or study for a test. Although technology does have negative connotations when it comes to learning there are some positives that come out of these situations.

When you think of technology the first thing that should come to your head is that is a way to research information in a timely fashion. But when a student has applications like Instagram or Snapchat, it is very hard for them to stay on task and only do what they are supposed to. With this added distraction students have an extra hard time remembering information for the class or even for tests. This happens because even if they have studied for multiple hours, they were multi-tasking which causes them to lose some of the facts that they read.

If your parents ever came up to while you were on your computer to see if you were staying on task, it was for a reason. They wanted to make sure you were staying focused on the given task and not using other applications or websites that could distract you.

Now, Technology isn’t always a bad thing. There are multiple applications or websites that teachers will recommend students to use when trying to study. These applications give students an opportunity to enjoy the comfort of their laptop screen while being able to prepare for the next day of classes. Parents may be a little worried when giving their child an electronic to do what they had to do by paper, back when they were in school, but they shouldn’t because times are changing for the more advanced and they should know that in the near future classes will only be online.


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