Data mining and the truth behind it

When you think of Data Mining do you think of your information being stolen? Many people have this negative connotation of what data mining is, and these people could be so far from the truth. As defined by (, Data mining is “the process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data in a database, as to discover patterns or relationships.” Meaning that his online invention was created to discover patterns or algorithms, as well as figure out situations and relationships. This tool that companies sometimes do use to gain information of online browser users, helps people in ways that they might not realize. ( shows how exactly works and how the people who use it are able to. It goes into how only professionals are able to grasp the full use of data mining, meaning someone who tries to data mine will probably won’t be successful. It also shows how people are getting so used to the current technology that when something new comes out with something new it changes how they think and if they are happy with the online world or not. With so much happening in the digital world, people don’t know whether something they see on the internet is a scam or if it is real.

Now I am not trying to tell people that data mining is good or bad, that is for you, the reader to figure out on your own. But what people should know is that it does have both positive and negatives additions that it has added to the online world. It gives companies opportunities to be able to guess or even in some cases exactly find out how much they will be made by the end of the month or year. This is only one of the many advantage’s companies can gain that won’t affect how people feel about them. Companies act like all they are doing is finding out simple information for their; company but wind up being able to know many things about people and their everyday lives. Also, it gives regular people the chance to be able to do things that they would not be able to do on their own. According to ( data mining has been going up and down with how it is doing in the online world. It shows that data mining is not a steady market to get into if you are looking to put money into stocks. This should mean a lot to people, because so many people put stocks into things like bitcoin for example, which may go up and gain you some money, usually ends up plummeting to the bottom of the price per stocks.

Companies are always trying to find ways to advance their income rate and find out whatever they can about how their numbers will be at the end of the year. With data mining they can find out exactly how their company is going to do with the final monetary value they finish with. Although they might not exactly know how much they are going to earn or not, computers can use the technique of data mining to figure out where their company is going to end up in the net worth table. Because companies are so worried about money, this online technique definitely is useful for them. Companies like Facebook even use data mining, to predict future user engagement. This is very helpful for these websites because it can show how they stack up against competitors and what they have to do differently to jump in front of these other companies.

Data mining is also used to help out the normal citizen. There are different codes in your computer that help you out every day that you probably haven’t even heard of. Data mining is the reason Gmail sends the emails that you receive that may be a little suspicious to the spam folder. It is understandable to assume that people are not just scared of things like data mining for example. They are scared of the huge change in the types of technology that we had a few years ago. Now, this may not seem like a big deal but if we didn’t have this advantage, we would have to read through every email, even if they are completely fake and just trying to make you sign up for random websites.

There may be some negative events that data mining may actually cause to occur in the long run though. Companies will use data mining to figure out information about you that you have not told anyone, using the information you have given the companies in advanced. According to, (, Google has been mining random peoples emails for advertising data so they could ultimately make more money. This shows how a company who people thought was trustworthy, was going behind people’s back to gain information for their own gain. The whole point of giving your name, phone number and state you are from are because you trust them. But after companies like Google do this to people will stop trusting them and not use their products. This is one of the main reasons why people also dislike or even hate data mining. Although this seems terrible, it isn’t as bad as you think it is. You have to be a professional, meaning a statistician or a computer scientist to be able to truly understand how data mining works. Meaning that only people who have a certain degree can truly grasp how data mining works and will actually know how to control it. This should help regular online users calm down and not worry about whether somebody is going to be hacking their information at all times. Knowing that only an individual that knows exactly how this online data technique works definitely should take the worry out of a normal citizen’s life.

Data mining is a huge algorithm that companies use to gain power and information that they would not have been able to gain without using it. They use this online mechanism to know what they have to do differently in order for them to get more money. This helps them realize if they are on the best track to become the strongest, they possibly can. Knowing that only professionals can use data mining to its fullest, companies should hire as many of these individuals as possible in order for them to do the best they can ultimately. Also, knowing that big-name companies are using people’s personal information to gain advertising money off of various things like an email. This is scary for people and it is not such a bad thing that they are scared. Big data companies are bringing things into people’s online life that it is affecting how they act and how safe they feel when they are online. After all, only so few individuals can actually control data mining and understand its true concept to the fullest and can use it without any problems. Things could be much worse with all the new technology that comes out in the present time. So people should understand that it is just an online service created by someone who was trying to make money.

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