Are data and privacy complimentary terms?

After watching the video on data anonymization, reading the guide on How to add privacy to your google chrome desktop, and researching Tor; I have realized that data and privacy are terms that have to do with each other very much. When A person enters their information online it is many times anonymized so that you only can see certain things that will not give away who the user is. For example, in the video, the name and address were taken off but the age, interests, and the favorite food was left on. This shows that if someone was trying to hack this user they would only figure out that a man or women of a certain age have interests and favorite foods.

According to the guide, there are certain things you can do to add privacy to the content you want to look for. The main thing is to enter incognito mode. This is a feature that allows the searcher to look for something on the internet without having a search history or saved cookies or data. This is just a step in the right direction for privacy because now nobody has to worry about somebody looking at their history and judging them based on what the are thinking about.

Tor is a very unique addition to the different types of browsers. This is one that is considered only made for the dark web, and in many cases, this is a very correct statement. People download this browser so that they can hide all the information need to track them such as their IP address. This stealthy search engine also allows people to gain access to many illegal blocked websites that they can use to buy or download things that they wouldn’t want people knowing about.

It is crazy to think in a world like the one we live in with all the terrorism and drugs, people would access illegal blocked websites so they can purchase weapons or drugs.

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