Advertising and social media

By working with my group to see how different social media platforms made me get a few ideas. They are controlling at what we look at and what advertisements are shown on our home screens. It is weird to think that at anytime a social media platform can decide what ads we see and how they choose it is even worse.

According to, Twitter chooses it ads sometimes by seeing your location and IP address. This is crazy to think about because they can see exactly where you are at random times throughout the day. People should be worried about this because if they tell third-party websites your location they can use it to actually track you and possible come to your home or call your phone with scams.

According to Twitter is one of the social media platforms that are not doing that well. They are buying ads for more than they are selling them, this shows that either they have enough money not to care about their income from the ads or they are suffering financially where they will be going bankrupt in the near future. This shows that even though it was a very popular application a few years ago they aren’t anymore.

Their problem is that they are not adding any new features. Instagram, facebook, and other applications are adding new stuff on their platforms whenever they can. Twitter is still the same old thing that it was one it first came out, an app where all you can do is “tweet” about funny things or anything you want to.

If Twitter really wants to do something to make money, they shouldn’t worry about spending so much money on advertising and they should worry about how they can upgrade their app to make people want to download it and use it over other platforms.

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