3D printing and the future of technology

When 3D printing came out, it was supposed to be used for creating things that you wished to print at a 3-dimensional state. But with all the terrorist and criminal groups out free in the world, dangerous things can happen using a 3-D printer. There have been many news articles on various acts of violence using printed guns.

Now someone may ask, what makes these printed weapons so bad? Because they are made out of a non-traceable material, the cops have no idea where the gun could have been made. The only piece of information that the police could get is what type of plastic the gun was made of and if there are any patterns that some printers leave on the material.

There are many benefits of this device though. With this printer using plastic, it does not have to waste paper on everything. Although you are not going to 3-D print your final essay for an important class, you can make some really cool things. There are many competitions worldwide that people can enter to show their talents(https://3dwithus.com/3d-printing-competitions). This shows how people are finding various ways to show off the things that they can do with this truly cool invention.

With so many different inventions coming into the world people react very differently when hearing about the different advancements companies are making. Some people decide that they should use this creation to create weapons to harm people, while others use it to create really impressive things and show them off to the world. Seeing all the various inventions that people have created it should really impress the world. So if there is ever a 3-D printer available to use, do not pass up the offer of possibly your lifetime, because 3-D printers are very pricey and many people do not want to waste their money on something they think they would not use often.

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